Dr. Godwin’s Mission Statement:

I believe that your perception of your appearance has an enormous impact on your over-all emotional and mental health. A positive self-image is an integral part of reaching one’s full potential in life.  My goal as a plastic surgeon is to achieve the most beautiful aesthetic result possible for each patient and treat each patient with compassion and respect, thereby helping them on the road to their full potential.” – Dr. Kenneth Godwin

Ken Godwin Plastic SurgeryDr. Godwin’s experience has shown him that when his patients feel empowered in their knowledge of cosmetic surgery they report better outcomes and overall satisfaction with their plastic surgery experience.  Dr. Godwin advocates for his patients. He and his highly trained staff will support you and guide you every step of the way.  Dr. Godwin makes himself 100% available to all of his patients.  His genuine CARE AND COMPASSION is evident from the first consultation, through the recovery process and then finally through the last post-operative visit.

Dr. Godwin is an expert in his field and will help each patient recognize their best features and will walk them through the procedure that will best enhance their NATURAL BEAUTY and restore their youthful vitality.

With our centrally located office and surgery center in Yardley, PA, Godwin Plastic Surgery offers exceptional plastic surgery results to men and women in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties.  A double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Godwin is experienced in every type of plastic and reconstructive procedure.  Dr. Godwin performs nearly any type of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he specializes in the following surgeries and procedures:

For the services of a highly specialized, experienced, dual board-certified plastic surgeon, contact the practice of Bucks County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kenneth Godwin today at 267-399-9930.

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